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By: michael.pounce | January 06, 2017

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By: michael.pounce | October 06, 2016

Hi all, its been a while and I thought I better update you on what's going on!

The biggest news I think I have is moving house in August 2016, and I now live in a nice house in Lockwood. Getting the piano in was tough but we managed it! Also had to install a heater inside the piano because of the cold air that was getting into the piano from beneath the house. 

I have also been making DVDs of the last year's concerts called "The Concerts 2015-16". They are  currently being sold for £12 each so if you are interested just contact me via the site form. 

I have plans for some christmas themed videos coming soon in November and December... Recording is starting soon! 

That's the most important news, other than the next concert which is on ...

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By: michael.pounce | June 22, 2015

Over the weekend I filmed an introduction to my channel, and here it is! 

Over the next couple of days another two videos will be published. One is a mashup of two popular songs, which will be released tomorrow. The other is another improvisation! 

Happy Listening! (and watching...)

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By: michael.pounce | June 16, 2015

Hi Guys! I've just uploaded the first in a new series of piano videos which will be all about improvisation! The playlist is available below, and the first one I recorded was on Monday. Hopefully I'll be able to keep to once a week, maybe more! 

Anyway, here's the video and happy listening!

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By: michael.pounce | June 15, 2015

Some really exciting news! The last of the new equipment arrived today so I get to do THIS - - - >


Here are some imbeds, but if you want right up to date content, please Subscribe to my youtube (@MPounceMusic) and LIKE my videos if you like them! 

Tommorow there will be another video starting a new weekly series! Happy listening!

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