COVID-19 Procedures

Updated August 2021

These are the latest procedures for lessons at my house or at yours. I reserve the right to change these according to government guidelines when it is reasonable.

Thanks to everyone who adhered to the COVID procedures during the last academic year. I have now updated the guidelines to take into account the relaxation of rules in the UK. 


Please bear in mind that whilst I am doing everything to keep my working space COVID-19 secure according to government guidelines, it is impossible to prevent the spread of infection entirely. Entering someone else's house is inherently a risk that you must decide is acceptable to you in order to have lessons at my house.


As a way of ensuring my student's safety, I will be taking lateral flow tests twice a week. If you are able to do this too I would recommend it until government guidance changes.

1. Before you arrive, ARE YOU WELL? If not, don't come, and let me know so we can either rearrange, or have a lesson online instead. This is especially important if you have any COVID-19 symptoms (high temperature, new continuous cough, loss of smell or taste). I would recommend taking a lateral flow test twice a week to ensure you are not asymptomatic.

2. There are no limits on the number of visitors, so long as everyone is comfortable.

3. When you arrive please SANITISE YOUR HANDS using the hand sanitiser provided on the stairs in front of you. 

4. Facemasks are optional, but if you would prefer to wear one and for me to also wear one, that is also fine. 

5. When you arrive I will let you in and then leave an APPROPRIATE SPACE between us to allow social distancing to be maintained. 


6. During the lesson I will also sanitise my hands to prevent infection while I demonstrate on the piano, and also clean the chair before I sit on it.

7. When you leave, COLLECT YOUR BELONGINGS and sanitise your hands again. Please wait for me to open the door and show you out.

8. Payments in the immediate term will be ONLINE and CARD ONLY. I recently acquired a contactless card reader so please pay by card if you want to pay in person. If you have any questions on how to pay by card or online, let me know.


Lessons away from my house

1. Take reasonable precautions before and after I visit

2. I will continue to sanitise my hands before, during and after lessons.

3. Facemasks are once again optional, but if you want me to wear one please let me know in advance.