COVID-19 Procedures

Updated July 2020

Since March 2020 I have been holding lessons online, but now that guidelines have been relaxed, I am now able to offer lessons at my house. This is only possible whilst the guidelines allow it to happen, so if there is another local or national lockdown, then students will be informed the changes as and when they happen. This website will be updated periodically to reflect this. These procedures are for the start of teaching from my house on 4th August 2020

Also please see the latest risk assessment undertaken at my house below the procedures.

For lessons to recommence at my house, I have to set a few ground rules which MUST be observed before, during and after the lessons. This is a strict policy because this not only effects the health of the student and the teacher present, but also all the students that come before and after you for their lessons.


Also please bear in mind that whilst I am doing everything to keep my working space COVID-19 secure according to government guidelines, it is impossible to prevent the spread of infection entirely. Entering someone else's house is inherently a risk that you must decide is acceptable to you in order to have lessons at my house. (Ok... here goes...)


1. Before you arrive, ARE YOU WELL? If not, don't come, and let me know so we can either rearrange, or have a lesson online instead. This is especially important if you have any COVID-19 symptoms (high temperature, new continuous cough, loss of smell or taste).

2. Before you arrive, USE THE WASHROOM! The washroom at my house will not be available for public use, so prepare adequately before you arrive.

3. When you arrive, ONLY THE STUDENT and ONE VISITOR has permission to enter the house. Parents and other members of the public may talk more than 2 metres from the front door, but no one else may enter. This is because it will not be possible to practice social distancing of more than two people. There will be a clean chair provided for a visitor attending with the student.


4. When you arrive, please ONLY BRING WHAT YOU NEED into the house. Books, pencil cases, etc. Please leave your coat in the car you came in unless weather is sufficiently english (bad). 


5. When you arrive please SANITISE YOUR HANDS using the hand sanitiser provided on the stairs in front of you. Please PUT ON YOUR FACE MASK when you enter.


6. When you arrive I will let you in and then leave an APPROPRIATE SPACE between us to allow social distancing to be maintained. 


7. During the lesson I will be sat at least TWO METRES away from you. I will not be able to play the piano while the lesson is ongoing. Try to avoid touching your face during the lesson as this increases the risk of infection.


8. When you leave, COLLECT YOUR BELONGINGS and sanitise your hands again.


9. The piano, piano stool and front door handles will be cleaned between lessons, so please allow for a MINIMUM 15 MINUTES between lessons for cleaning.


10. Payments in the immediate term will be ONLINE and CARD ONLY. I recently acquired a contactless card reader so please pay by card if you want to pay in person. If you have any questions on how to pay by card or online, let me know.


If you would like to commence lessons at my house the first lessons will be available from 4th August, and all lessons that were previously held at my house regularly will be expected to be held at my house again from September subject to ongoing circumstances. If you have any queries or concerns about this or any of the ground rules, please get in touch as soon as possible.