I provide lessons on piano and music theory from the age of 6 (individual circumstances vary). These lessons are inspiring, informative and a great way to start a journey in music, regardless of the age or ability.

You can aim for grades, learn to improvise, or just play for fun. My lessons are all about getting the most out of you as a student and pushing you to the next level in your playing. 

Every new student can have a FREE TRIAL lesson with me before they commit to any future lessons. 

In addition to this, I provide other enrichment activities to students to enhance the music learning experience.

Piano Concert Hall

I provide concerts as a way for my students to gain performance practice before exams or just to show their work to others, 

Sheet Music Edits
Theory Element

Every lesson I teach will include a theory element, which helps every student learn how to read, write and understand written music.

Piano Player

If the student is willing I can offer practice in improvisation through many techniques, pushing them to perform without written music. 


Your first lesson will be free. 

Discuss your future lessons in person

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