MPounce Music Tuition Piano Lessons for all ages and abilities!

What do my students say?


What motivated you to take lessons?

The piano is my favourite instrument (after voice) and I wanted to learn how to play it for years. I guess I couldn't afford it before.

What have you learnt before starting lessons?

Chunks and bits from working as a singer for the past 17 yrs or so.

What have you learnt in the lessons?

Mike has left no stone unturned! I have a deeper understanding of what I have always had to rely only on raw talent to do. I can now sight read (still early days) and practically, my technique is improving.

Have you enjoyed the lessons?

Yeah, I have.

Are they value for money?

He has very competitive rates. I value those lessons where I have come to learn something new :)

Parent of N.P.

You are very patient and good at changing the way you teach to suit an individual.

Also you make it fun for them, helping them to learn pieces that she has heard and liked for instance.