MPounce Music Tuition Piano Lessons for all ages and abilities!
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Michael Pounce - The Piano Teacher

What services do I offer?

The main services I offer are Piano and Music Theory lessons.

I also offer

  • Piano Accompaniment.
  • Background Piano for Events/Weddings.
  • Backing Tracks for varied instruments


Piano Lessons

My Piano lessons often include an element of theory, but all lessons are constructed based on the requirements of the student. 

Whatever age you are, and whatever ability you are, if you want to know more or get a quote please contact me. I'll reply as soon as I can and try and get you the best possible service.

The fees are decided based on the opinions of other highly experienced piano teachers in the area, and my experience as a teaching practitioner. 

I would also argue that this is a very reasonable saving compared to the Musicians Union recommended salary of £30 per hour.


Theory Lessons

I also offer standalone Music Theory lessons, based on the ABRSM Grades for Music Theory. I would not recommend taking any grade exams until Grade 5, and then every one thereafter. 

If you wish to take any lessons, or engage me about any other services I can offer, then please contact me.